area of a sector

Can you find the AREA of a Sector of a Circle? Who ate the most pizza?

Who ate the most pizza? To find the area of a sector (slice of circular pizza) you have 3 things …
two circles and their tangent segments

Circles and Points of Tangency – flight touchdown

Lines of tangency to cylinders and cones have been used for flight paths for flights back into …
Do you know the Order of Operations?

Why is multiplication completed first here: -12+8(2)/(4) but not here: -12+8/2(4)?

The order that we complete the 4 operations of mathematics has very specific rules. The rules are …
complex number that are perpendicular

Lockdown Math ep3: Is “i” Real-ly an Imaginary number?

The complex number system is comprised of real numbers and the imaginary numbers. 3+4i or iāˆš2 or …

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