Welcome to my redesigned web site, Math in a Box. I first created my site in 2003. It needed a new look and purpose. I have hundreds of algebra and geometry lessons and images that I use to teach in my online math courses. I am breaking them up into short lessons. I will offer many for free, but once there are at least 100 lessons posted to this web site then I may ask for donations or group some together for paid subscribers. There will be free ones and you can make requests for more lessons.

I do not work tests questions nor homework problem, but I can explain problems that are similar. I probably already have a lesson with examples written that I can edit and add more examples that will more thoroughly answer your questions.

I will be posting lessons several times a week. They will be from Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry and College Algebra (Precalculus). Please make a request from my Contact page if you need something I have not posted yet. Be clear, tell me the topic of the lesson in your book or send the directions and the example that you wish to understand. If you cannot type it correctly then use words to explain. It is important to write the directions as well as the problem, but if that is too hard send the topics or lesson names from your textbook.

These math lessons will give you at least 2 long examples or more if they are short! I will explain and remind you of prior topics that you need to know for the new topic. It is hard to graph lines if you do not know how to first graph points!

I am also posting articles about current events that pertain to math or articles for careers in mathematics. Look for my posts concerning Lockdown math and the YouTube channels: Khan Academy Labs and 3blue1brown.

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Our children will see their future when we begin painting the picture ~ and~ give them the skills to begin painting it too

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