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Geometry REVIEW Lessons

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Lesson 1 Points, Lines and Planes
Lesson 2 Rays, Segments, and Length Free Lesson
Lesson 3 Angles and Rays
Lesson 4 Angle Addition and Measuring Angles
Lesson 5 MORE on Planes, Lines and their Points
Lesson 6 IF-Then Statements, Converses, and Bi-Conditionals
Lesson 7 Special Pairs of Angles
Lesson 8 Perpendicular Lines
Lesson 9 More on Congruent Angles, Supplementary and Complementary Angles
Lesson 10 Parallel Lines and their Angles Free Lesson
Lesson 11 Classifying Triangles by sides and angles
Lesson 12 Angles of a Polygons
Lesson 13 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Lesson 14 Congruent Polygons
Lesson 15 Congruent Triangles
Lesson 16 Parallelograms
Lesson 17 Do We Have a Parallelogram?
Lesson 18 Special Quadrilaterals Free Lesson
Lesson 19 Inverses and Contrapositives
Lesson 20 Will the 3 Segments Create a Triangle?

Parallel lines and their angles

Geometry online Review is for the student that has already completed an Algebra 1 course in the recent past and needs to prepare to take Geometry or for a student that has completed Geometry and needs to review for College or a TEST.

In this Geometry class you will receive prompt replies to questions you have. You may write a journal of the topics that you have learned or write a journal of your questions. You can create an online journal of diagrams, pictures, questions, new knowledge of Geometry. You can print pages of your journal or email pages of it.

Each Lesson gives several examples and explanation of the math topic. Most have videos, games and quizzes to use to help you learn the topic better. Each lesson has several activities for you to complete. You can ask me questions any time by writing them in your journal/notes pages and then Sharing them with me. I will read them and email you an answer within the day.

I answer email within 24 hours, but often it is in just a few hours.

I have designed this course a bit differently than my others. The student can repeat activities and create a journal of their explorations and new knowledge. They can play games ( some fun and some not so ) that are drilling them in the concepts presented in my online Lessons. I have written the lessons so that they are readable and full of diagrams and games or activities to complete. Geometry is definitely about drawing geometric shapes/diagrams, but it is also full of vocabulary and learning to write logically.

I think writing a journal (the design is up to the student) can be a great way for students to organize their new knowledge or show off their new ability to draw. Some will want to just include problems that they have solved while others will want to create powerful diagrams. The student will improve their skills in using logic, algebra, finding the measurement of angles and segments, and reading/drawing geometric diagrams in this course.

The topics to be reviewed include points on planes, lines, segments, angles of parallel lines, angles of triangles and polygons, Special pairs of angles, parallel and skew lines, quadrialterals, parallelograms, rectangles, squares, ,rhombi, trapezoid, kites, writing conditional statements, converses, inverses, contrapositives, understanding and using theorems, and of course, reading and drawing diagrams for Geometry.

The student must already know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers and know how to use well the Order of Operations.
-2+12(8-13)/20 = ?
and how to solve equations such as 3x+4=9(x-1)

I answer email at least 350 days of the year. The student must have a valid email address and must be able to easily check his emails and SAVE them in a folder on his computer.

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