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Reducing Fractions

GREAT worksheets for learning multiplication facts and reducing fractions. Be sure to read my special instructions.

These quick games below are not very fun, but can be helpful after the worksheets!!
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  1. Adding and Subtacting Integers: Easy Box Way Part 1
  2. Adding and Subtacting Integers: Easy Box Way Part 2

  3. Factoring Quadratic 2x2+4x-5,Part 1
  4. Factoring More Polynomials- Part 2

  5. Writing Polynomials for Word Problems- AREA
  6. Write and Solve Polynomials 2-find specific numbers and consecutive integers
  7. Solving Word Problems by Factoring Polynomials 3- AREA of rectangle
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my free algebra videos

here (a new window at You Tube will open) as I have numerous others there.

Do you understand how to write a Geometry Proof? Try this free geometry video

Many of these ACTIVITES will OPEN in a NEW WINDOW so please close it when you finish.


  1. Order of Operations- 4 steps
  2. Equations with variables and parenthesis
  3. Consecutive Integer Equations
  4. Factoring Polynomials by Grouping
  5. Factoring Quadratic Trinomials

More Lessons in my Classrooms


  1. Can YOU find the PARALLELOGRAM?
  2. Geometry Lesson-- Properties used in Proofs
  3. Geometry Lesson-- Parallel Lines and their Angles

More Lessons in my Classrooms

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