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Our children will see their future when we begin painting the picture
~ and~ give them the skills to begin painting it too

There are two reasons for the name MATH IN A BOX.
The first reason came from my desire to have an organized box of math manipulatives for children to use in their study of math for kindergarten through 8th grade.    If they are going to consistently use their manipulatives and continue to understand how to use them year after year then designing a box for their math manipulatives was almost as important as the design of the manipulatives themselves.    Children need to be taught the logic and reason of our numbers, the patterns of numbers.     They need math manipulatives that illustrate this for them, not bears or bean counters.

The second reason for the name came from ideas I use to teach percentage(commission, tax, discounts, mark-ups, simple interest) word problems, distance word problems, mixture-percent word problems, factoring quadratics and a few other concepts.     Each of these algebra concepts has their own box.    Teaching with a box, the students learn to draw these before beginning their problem solving, greatly increases their ability to work multi-step problems.     These boxes also become mind hooks for the students that I can quite often use- pull out of them- to teach other math concepts.

If you need help with algebra or with any math problem for Kindergarten to College Calculus then please contact me.    Here at my web site you can find links to my algebra courses, algebra lessons, videos, and worksheets and you can also complete my free algebra placement test.     You may also contact me for advice concerning your math education or your child's.

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