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Be sure that you order the book by confirming the isbn number. There are several books with the same title as these. You must have the book I have stated below for your respective class.

It is wise to consider paying a little extra for shipping if you want to begin quickly.  Some sellers offer faster shipping.   The book should be cheap so spend a little extra to get the book quickly.

  1. Algebra 1 Online Review for the Summer
    (or any time)

    no textbook required
  2. Algebra 1A: An Introduction (1 high school semester)
  3. Algebra 1B The Second Semester of Algebra 1 The book for the Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B classes: Introductory Algebra: An Applied Approach, by Aufmann and Barker and Lockwood, 5th edition, ISBN 0395907063 OR the 6th edition, ISBN 0618203230.
    **** You need only 1 of these books. They are used books and should cost less than $25. I do NOT use the current edition of this book.****

  4. Algebra 2 (first semester) or Intermediate College Algebra 1
    No book is required.   
    Also good class for REVIEW if you have had ALGEBRA 1.

  5. Algebra 2 (second semester) or Intermediate College Algebra 1(part 2) Intermediate Algebra: An Applied Approach by Aufmann and Barker and Lockwood, 5th edition, ISBN 0395907071 OR the 6th edition, ISBN 0618203044. **** You need only 1 of these books. They are used books and should cost less than $25. I do NOT use the current edition of this book.****
  6. Geometry Class for High School (first semester)
  7. Geometry Class for High School (second semester) Geometry by Jurgensen, Brown, Jurgensen published 2000 by Houghton Mifflin, McDougal Littell. The ISBN is 0395977274.   
    I have also found that an older version of this book is the same except for one appendix located at the end of the book. Since I do not use the material in this appendix, you can purchase the older book. I have purchased one myself and it was in very good condition, costing $25 plus shipping. The ISBN number for it is 039577120x.
  8. Geometry  Review (first semester ) No book is required.   
  9. Factoring Polynomials (free class)  No book is required.   

 Visit the CLASSES tab above to register for the class or to read about the topics/lessons taught in each class

****Abebooks, Amazon, Ebay and many others sell for a third party.   You can purchase the book from them; but, the wrong book can be purchased from them if you do not first contact the third party or be sure the ISBN number is stated in the seller's comments. There are many editions of this book and several books that have the same name. So please check the ISBN number with the seller.*****

See important note below about book vendors.

Copy the ISBN numbers before leaving this page. The ABEBOOKS dealer below usually has the best prices.

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ENTER the ISBN number rather than the keyword; use the ISBN for your book.

The shipment should be sent out within 1-2 days. Look for an email confirmation from the seller. CHECK ON the book after 1 week to be sure your account has been charged and paid at Abebooks, Amazon and Ebay.

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