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I really liked your video for lesson 3:3! very helpful! The whole proccess of changing a trinomial into a binomial has been my hardest thing with algebra, but i loved how you explained it! I think things are starting to "click" for me with this course.

***The student is refering to factoring a trinomial such as 3x^2+16x-12. See this page: Factoring Trinomial Qudaratics>

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This student asked Me for an "evaluation questionaire" for my online Algebra 2 class!
Was it organized well? Yes, I thought the class was very well organized and thought through. The only thing that got me at times was that there were some fragmented sentences in the lessons that were a little unclear. I think those might just be typos, however.
Did you learn a lot? Yes, I did. A lot of it was, of course, good review, but all of it really strengthened my Algebra skills and doubts... I'm looking forward to next semester.
Was it too easy or too hard? At times I felt like it was too hard, but it wasn't. It was a good level for a student my age... maybe even a little easy. I know former classmates that would think it was all a piece of cake! (But everyone has their good areas!)
Did your instructor answer your questions quickly and well? Yes, they were all to the point, very poignant (just kidding), and they all came within 24 hours.
Would you recommend the class to someone? Yes, I would. Probably to other friends I know that home school and cousins.

Ms. Johnsey is a joy. She manages to be both extremely professional and knowledgeable and yet with a warm and sparkly personality. She also makes you think your own way through your puzzlement about something, instead of just giving you the answer. I wanted to re-learn algebra in order to help my kids, and it had been decades since I first learned it. I've taken her two intermediate algebra courses now and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Much of the work has been challenging -- in particular the study of conic sections and binomial expansions -- but she always answers my questions thoroughly and quickly. Whenever I haven't understood her first explanation, she has explained it again a different way. My only complaint about her is that she doesn't offer more courses. I'd take pre-calculus from her in a heartbeat. I've told her that she doesn't charge nearly enough for all the work she puts in on a student's learning, but she's old school: enormous value for your hard-earned money. I highly recommend her classes for students and for their clueless parents, as well. September 20, 2014

Student has made a comment on Factoring Polynomials (trinomials) Part 1:
Seriously, thank you so much for this video! Our class is behind and my teacher moves very fast. This was very helpful.
See my VIDEO tab above.

and another comment on Factoring Polynomials (trinomials) Part 1:
You made learning this lesson soooo easy. I've been fumbling on trying to understand these certain problems for a week.
This is hands down the best lesson I've come across on youtube for this topic. I'll be sure to check out your other topics!!!!

This class has been a huge help and I appreciate everything. My local community college wanted me to take 3 other classes before I could get into an algebra like this. it would have cost me a fortune and taken almost two years. If I ever need to take any other classes I will visit your site first. thanks.

I want to thank you for demonstrating the clearest explanation of addition/subtraction of integers I have ever come across. I have never heard an explanation of why, when subtracting a neg. integer, it becomes a positive, though I have "always done it that way". If I recall the explanation given by my own algebra teacher, it was "trust me...and do it the way I tell you". Your explanation of it being the "opposite" of the negative integer finally gave me my own "lightbulb" moment. I live for these moments with my daughter and it was delightful for both of us to exclaim "ooohhhhh, now I get it!!!" at the same time. I just wanted to thank you for providing the string to our light today.

YouTUBE follower comments on my video
"Formulas S=16t2+vt Find v when S= 80 and t=2.": thank you so much this is a big help

I found Algebra 1A to be the most helpful homeschooling algebra program that I have tried. I wanted to continue learning from you to get to college level math.

I just want to say thank you for posting your video on You Tube. I began teaching math 20 years ago, but I have been out of the classroom for about 10 years. I will be teaching Intermediate Algebra and Refresher Mathematics at the community college here in Charlotte. You were a helpful part of my review.

Dear Mrs. Johnsey, I've been meaning to tell you how helpful your class was for my child. He completed the 1st semester class with you, then did the 2nd semester with the textbook you suggest, and he was able to skip high school algebra II and stay at the top of his class for precalculus and calculus so far.

Thanks for the great start!

Yes, this course, Algebra 1A, is for my child who is in 8th grade this year. I have been homeschooling for almost 8 years now. Next year, she will take her high school courses online . I wanted her to take your courses, so that she will have a well rounded understanding of Algebra by the time it is required.

I did go in and look at your web site regarding math with younger children. I found many things quite helpful, as I also have an eight year old that is homeschooled. We are working on 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Wish that your web page was brought to my attention prior to starting multiplication tables, as your advice was excellent.
My husband and I are very pleased with the your Algebra course at Universal Class and feel it is well worth the price. I would love to see you have a course online for high school Geometry. Your course has been very beneficial to me, and thus my daughter.

Just throught I'd check in with you, as I am very aware how much it means to instructors to hear about how their past students are doing.

My child is starting his final quarter of the year. He just got his 3rd qtr report card. He's got an A in Algebra/Trig.

I want to thank you for your wonderful effort. You are truly a gifted, accountable teacher and any student that gets to work with you should consider themselves lucky.

Thanks again for helping my child last summer get tuned up for this year - the year that we were concerned he'd have much difficulty with, and now he's got confidence, a great attitude and I'm grateful for the support you gave him last summer in getting ready.

Dear Mrs.. Johnsey,
I ran across your web site while reviewing algebra topics in preparation for an evaluation. I have been going back to college after a thirty-five year hiatus. Your explanation of order of operations, solving simple equations etc. was so clear and understandable, I felt compelled to write you. Why are these topics usually not explained as clearly as you have been able to? I wish you were next door to to me when I start calculus. Merry Christmas

I have really enjoyed your class. It has been a long time since I have done any algebra. It was very challanging for me and it made me learn alot. I thank you again for all your help. Thanks,

I did receive the progress report. Thanks very much for a year of excellent math.

Yes I did the entire Geometry collection, it is a great tool and a great reference when doing homework and studying.

Thanks again Ms. Johnsey for everything, your class has helped to pass the Florida State Middle School Math exam. Thank you

Hi Susan,
Its been nearly a year since we last 'talked' so you probably dont remember me from algebra (universal class.com) But, even so, I wanted to thank you for turning me into an algebra geek.

I never had any luck with algebra-until I took you prealgebra class- and I didnt quite finish it before I started algebra at a nearby college. I started in beginning algebra, than into Intermediate, and finally onto College Algebra. I earned A's in everyone of them and this last semester never had a grade below 98%.

So thanks again, I couldnt/wouldnt have done it without you.

Mrs. Johnsey, I am supposed to be coming to tutor on Friday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 8th. These last few weeks of school before I graduate are turning out to be absoulutely insane, and because of this, I will not be able to make it either of those days.

Thank you so much for helping me out this year, it has made a world of difference!

I would like to thank you personally for all the extra time and communication between you and the students, parents, and me. I was very satisfied with the way the class was progressing until February, leading up to the 10 day break.

Again, thank you for your support.

Our children will see their future when we begin painting the picture
~ and~ give them the skills to begin painting it too

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