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Online GEOMETRY Course Lessons
-(first semester)
See second semester lessons below
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Lesson 1-1 Games with lines and points
Lesson 1-2 Points, Lines, and Planes
Lesson 1-3 Segments , Rays and Distance
Lesson 1-4 Angles: acute, obtuse, straight, right
Lesson 1-5 Points, Lines, Planes and Angles
Lesson 2-1 If-Then Statements; Converses
Lesson 2-2 Properties from Algebra
Lesson 2-3 Proving Theorems
Lesson 2-4 Special Pairs of Angles
Lesson 2-5 Perpendicular Lines
Lesson 2-6 Planning a Proof
Lesson 3-1 Definitions of parallel and skew lines
Lesson 3-2 Properties of Parallel Lines
Lesson 3-3 Proving Lines Parallel
Lesson 3-4 Angles of a Triangle
Lesson 3-5 Angles of a Polygon
Lesson 3-6 Inductive Reasoning
Lesson 4-1 Congruent Figures
Lesson 4-2 Some Ways to Prove Triangles Congruent
Lesson 4-3 Using Congruent Triangles
Lesson 4-4 The Isosceles Triangle Theorems
Lesson 4-5 Other Methods of Proving
Lesson 4-6 Using More than One Pair
Lesson 4-7 Medians, Altitudes, and Perpendicular Bisectors
Lesson 5-1 Properties of Parallelograms
Lesson 5-2 Prove Quadrilaterals Are Parallelograms
Lesson 5-3 Theorems Involving Parallel Lines
Lesson 5-4 Special Parallelograms
Lesson 5-5 Trapezoids
Lesson 6-1 Inequalities
Lesson 6-2 Inverses and Contrapositives
Lesson 6-4 Inequalities for one Triangle
Lesson 6-5 Inequalities for 2 Triangles

    My Geometry online course is designed for those students, young or old, who need a thorough course in Geometry. This online course is equivalent to the first semester of high school geometry. The class and its sequel, Geometry (second semester) will prepare you well for Algebra 2 and Precalculus.

    The topics to be studied include :
    basic geometric figures, deductive reasoning and proofs, postulates and theorems for parallel lines and planes, corollaries and theorems for congruent triangles, properties and theorems for quadrilaterals, inequalities of triangles, and polygons.

    A specific geometry textbook is required for the course. It is used in many high schools in the US.  See my TEXTBOOK web page for complete info.
    The student may work at his own pace. But if you are a parent or teacher of the student then you really should make a schedule for your student.

    The course may be began at any time and is self-paced.

    Each day that an assignment or test is submitted by the student he will receive his grade and corrections and comments within a few hours by email. The instructor, Susan Johnsey, is available daily for questions and to grade your work.

    I answer email at least 350 days of the year.Be sure the student has a valid email address and that he can easily check his emails and SAVE them in a folder on his computer.

Limited look at my Classroom and a Lesson

Online GEOMETRY Class Lessons
-(second semester)
Join My GEOMETRY Class second semester -

Price, important details and
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Lesson 7-1 Ratio and Proportion
Lesson 7-2 Properties of Proportions
Lesson 7-3 Similar Polygons
Lesson 7-4 A Postulate for Similar Triangles
Lesson 7-5 Theorems for Similar Triangles
Lesson 7-6 Proportional Lengths
Lesson 8-1 Similarity in Right Triangles
Lesson 8-2 The Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 8-3 Converse of Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 8-4 Special Right Triangles
Lesson 8-5 The Tangent Ratio
Lesson 8-6 The Sine and Cosine Ratios FREE Lesson
Lesson 8-7 Applications of Right Triangle
Lesson 9-1 CIRCLES Basic Terms
Lesson 9-2 Tangents
Lesson 9-3 Arcs and Central Angles
Lesson 9-4 Arcs and Chords
Lesson 9-5 Inscribed Angles
Lesson 9-6 Other Angles
Lesson 9-7 Circles and Lengths of Segments
Lesson11-1 Areas of Rectangles
Lesson 11-2 Areas of Parallelograms,
Triangles, and Rhombuses
Lesson 11-3 Areas of Trapezoids
Lesson 11-4 Area os Regular Polygons
Lesson 11-5 Circumferences and Areas of Circles
Lesson 11-6 Arc Lengths and Areas of Sectors
Lesson 11-7 Ratios of Areas
Lesson 11-8 Geometric Probability
Lesson 12-1 Prisms
Lesson 12-2 Pyramids
Lesson 12-3 Cylinders and Cones
Lesson 12-4 Spheres
Lesson 12-5 Areas and Volumes of Similar Solids
Lesson 13-1 The Distance Formula and the Equation of a Circle
Lesson 13-2 Slope of a Line
Lesson 13-3 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Lesson 13-5 The Midpoint Formula
Lesson 14-2 Reflections
Lesson 14-3 Translations
Geometry Class for High School (second semester) is a continuation of my first semester geometry course.

This course will present a good knowledge of Geometry which includes, but is not limited to:
1. proving theorems,
2. finding the angles, number of sides, perimeter, and area of polygons,
3. calculating the surface areas and volumes of polyhedrons, cylinders, spheres, cones and pyramids,
4. solving for the angles and sides of right triangles using Pythagorean theorem and trigonometric ratios ,
5. finding the various measurements of circles and segments of a circle (arcs, sectors, chords, secants, tangents, central angles and inscribed angles)
6. understanding the use of algebra in analytical geometry,
(linear equations in two variables,
slope, midpoint, distance formula, equation of circles,
reflections, rotations, and translations).
7. drawing translations and reflections of graphs

In the United States most State Boards of Education require completion of the first and second semesters of Geometry for graduation from a public or private high school.

There is a required book for the course. See TEXTBOOK web page for complete info for purchasing the book.

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